2024 GOP Presidential Nominee Vote - GREATER BOSTON MEMBERS ONLY

As a LCR Greater Boston Chapter Member, who is the 2024 Republican candidate for President you would like Greater Boston Chapter to tell the National Log Cabin Republicans to endorse?

The Log Cabin Republicans National Board of Directors have entered the decision-making process for a 2024 Presidential Endorsement! As part of the decision-making process for the National Board of Directors, they want to hear from chapters, regarding which Republican candidate they support to be the Republican nominee for President in 2024 to defeat Joe Biden.

Each Log Cabin Republicans chapter is allowed 1 vote to the National Board of Directors. The winner of Greater Boston's Presidential Republican nominee for endorsement poll will be submitted to the National Board of Directors by Greater Boston chapter President Alex Hagerty on September 15. Results will be automatically tallied and chapter members will be notified of the results before submission to the National Board of Directors.